Grassland Notebooking Pack


A grassland is a habitat that looks plain and peaceful with most of the animals living in groups. It is less-covered compared to the other habitats, but it is still fresher than the desert.

 Exploring the grasslands will give us a lot of interesting facts about how the living things can adapt to the habitat and how grassland can growinto a desert if we don’t care about it.

It is also a mystery how a grassland is formed. It cannot grow as many trees as the forest do. There are also some natural challenges in grasslands

There are interesting animals living in the grassland for children to explore.
However, it takes a great deals of time and energy for parents to put the wide scope topic into proper notebooking pages as documents.

We try to collect some friendly points to explore the topic and to document them in notebooking pages and graphic organizers about The Grassland so that parents can have them in a simple package of 66 pages.